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Mahabharata of Vyasa Vol 18 The Svargarohana Parva

By P.Lal

Price : Rs150.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Writers Workshop

Mahabharata of Vyasa English Translation from original Sanskrit text Edited by P.Lal

The Concept and Treatment of Purusartha In Indian Philosophy

By Sipra Paik

Price : Rs650.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Punthi Pustak

This book is a new addition of the worked entitled Studies in Purusartha

The Idea of History in A Changing World

By Deba Prosad Choudhury

Price : Rs895.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : K P Bagchi & Company

Greek and Roman Historiography, Christian Historiography in the Medieval Period, The Renaissance Historiography, The Enlightenment Historiography , the romantic Reaction and the Birth of Historicism, Philosophy of History, High Noon Speculative Philosophy of History, Analytical or Critical Philosophy of

Nandanik Sparshe Lekhay O Rekhay Obin Thakur

By Indrani Sengupta

Price : Rs350.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Sagnik Books, Kolkata

Unish Shataker Banglar nabajagaraner bishes Kare Shilper, Shilpaguru Abanindranath Thakur Abadan Aparasim

Birds of Andaman and Nicobar Islands

By C Sivaperuman, G Gokulakrishnan, J dinesh and P.T. Rajan

Price : Rs1,710.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Zoological Survey of India

Egrets, Heron and Bitterns, Ibis, ducks and Teals, Raptors ( Diurnal) Raptors ( Nocturnal) ,Megapode, Pheasants, Rallids, Shorebirds, Pigeon and Doves, Parakeets, Cuckoos, Kingfishers, Bee-Eaters, Woodpecker

Europe And The Hughli the European Settlements on the West Bank of The River

By Suranjan Das and Basudeb Chattopadhyay

Price : Rs1,395.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : K P Bagchi & Company

Europe And The Hughli the European Settlements on the West Bank of The River

Paharpur Alias Somapura Mahavira : A World Cultural Heritage Site


Price : Rs5,000.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : The International Centre for Study of Bengal Art

Paharpur Alias Sompaura Mahavihara is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most prominent archaeological site in Bangladesh. This is the largest Mahavihara in South Asia. site such as the Excavation Report of K.N. Dikshit published in

Introducing Faith Healing : A Study of Folk Therapeutics

By Tushar Kumar Niyogi

Price : Rs810.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Anthropological Survey of India

1. Recapitulations: anthropological perspective. 2. Faith healing through ages. 3. Folk therapeutics. 4. Water remedy. 5. Aspect of spirit possession. 6. Divination. 7. Exorcism. 8. The quick remedy totka of village healers. 9. Deities who cure. 10. Surgery. 11. Faith

Glimpses into the Jewish World of Calcutta 1798-1948

By Kaustav Chakrabarti

Price : Rs700.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Reader Service

The volume deals with the socio-economic and civic life of the predominantly-Baghdadi Jewish community of Calcutta over a span of some one hundred and fifty years. It traces the history of the Jewish settlement in the city since the arrival

Bibartanmulak Bangla Abidhan 1st 2nd 3rd

By Golam Murshid

Price : Rs3,000.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Bangla Academy Dhaka

Bibartanmulak Bangla Abidhan complete in 3 volumes

The Siva Sanghita


Price : Rs450.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Sanskrit Classic

The Siva Sanghita Sanskrit texts by Lord Siva The Satha Chakra The BNrahma Sanghita English translation from the original sanskrits texts with Transliterations

India Tibet-China: Trans-Himalayan Conflict

By Phanindranath Chakrabarti

Price : Rs500.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Sagnik Books, Kolkata

Soverign and Idependent Status of Tibet, Anglo-bhutan War (1772) and its impact, the Last Unofficial British Commercial Mission to Tibet, Tibeto Russian Relations, British Policy in Tibet since 1774, Tibetís Independent Foreign Policy, Sino British Policy in Tibet, Trans-himalayan conflict,

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