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Survey of Sino Indian Artistic Discourse: A Twentieth Century Framework

By Amitava Bhattacharya

Price : Rs1,995.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Towards Freedom Kolkata

The book is of immense value to scholars and researchers of Art History, East Asian studies cultural history relating to China with an Indian Perspective. Published in collaboration with Maulana Abul Kalam Institute of Asian Studies, Kolkata. PP 88, Total

Spiritual Gita in 3 Vols

By Shyamacharan Lahiri\'s and Bhupendranath Sanyal

Price : Rs1,000.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Sundeep Agarwala

Introduction. Preface. Foreword. 1. Vishad-Yoga or depression of spirits. 2. Sankhya-Yoga or reasoning of spirits. 3. Karma-Yoga or action. 4. Gyan-Yoga or knowledge. 5. Karma-Sanyas Yoga or action and renunciation. 6. Dhyan or Abhyas Yoga or meditation or practice of

The Siva Sanghita

By Swami Satyeswarananda Vidyaratna Maharaj

Price : Rs450.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Sanskrit Classic

The Siva Sanghita Sanskrit texts by Lord Siva The Satha Chakra The BNrahma Sanghita English translation from the original sanskrits texts with Transliterations

Mahavarata of Vyasa Vol 11 The Stri Parva

By P.Lal

Price : Rs200.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Writers Workshop

Mahabharata of Vyasa English Translation from original Sanskrit text Edited by P.Lal

Agnidiner Katha by Satish Pakrashi

By Edited by Arjun Goswami

Price : Rs120.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Sagnik Books, Kolkata

Swadeshi Andaloner Dine, Biplaber Agnisfulinga, Biplabi Santrasbader Jatrapath, Ahimsa Asahayoga Andolan, Jele five years etc

Fauna of Sundarban Biosphere Reserve

By Kailash chandra, JRB Alfred, Bulganin Mitra

Price : Rs1,350.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Zoological Survey of India

Fauna of Sundarban Biosphere Reserve An Introduction, Bengalian Rain forest to sundarban a Journey, Tigers of Sundarban, Diversity and conservation of Mammalian Fauna of Sundarban, Avian Diversity Indian Sundarban and their present status, Reptilian diversity in the Mangrove of

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose memorial Lectures Series volume 1

By Editor Subha Sankar Sarkar

Price : Rs495.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Alphabet Books

Foreword, Introduction, A Curtain Raiser, 1st Netaji Subhas Chandra bose memorial Lectures by sobhanlal Dutta gupta,Third Netaji Subhas chandra bose Lecture by Sekhar Bandyopadhyay, Fourt netaji Subhas chandra bose Lecture Sabyasachi Bhattacharya. fifth and Sixth Lecture by bidyut chakraborty,

Pratna Samiksha Volume 2 Year 2011

By Nupur Dasgupta et al

Price : Rs1,000.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Centre for Archeological Studies & Training Eastern India

Quantitative Analysis , Excavations and Explorations, Inscriptions and Architecture Colour Plates 18 162pp

Rgvedic Aryans, River Sarasvati And Hindu Weltanschauung

By Sujit Narayan Sen

Price : Rs2,500.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Punthi Pustak

This book examines the earliest Hindu text Rgveda Puranas and epics that bring them in line with the boary international scenario of greek, Mitanni, Hittle and Iranian to put in perspective the brain teaser of the Indo Aryan problem

The Mahasthan Hoard II of Silver Punch-Marked Coins

By Bulbul Ahmed & Md. Noorul Islam

Price : Rs850.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Asiatic Society of Bangladesh

Preface. Abbreviations. Key terms. 1. Introduction. 2. A brief description of punch marked coin. 3. Methodology. 4. Description, analysis and discussion of Mahasthan Hoard II. 5. Conclusion. Annexure I. Obverse symbols. Annexure II. Reverse symbols. Annexure III. Catalogue of Mahasthan

Flora of Sultanpur National Park Gurgaon

By M.R. Debta and S.K. Srivastava

Price : Rs0.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Botanical Survey of India

Preface. Introduction. 1. Geographical location. 2. Topography. 3. Climate. 4. Vegetation. 5. Materials and presentation. 6. Floristic analysis. 7. Useful plants. 8. Wildlife. 9. Taxonomic treatment. 10. Key to the families. 11. Dicotyledons. 12. Monocotyledons. Conclusion. References. Appendices. Index.

Flora of Rajiv Gandhi National Park Karnataka

By R Manikandan

Price : Rs1,040.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Botanical Survey of India

Foreword. Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Past and present work. 3. Materials and methods. 4. Topography and general features. 5. Ethnic groups. 6. Forest biota. 7. Floristic analysis. 8. Endemic and threatened plants. 9. Sacred groves. 10. Weed flora. 11. Aquatic

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