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Banglar Paribarik Itihas Kolkata Howrah Hooghly

By Priyanjan Mukhopadhyay

Price : Rs250.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Sagnik Books, Kolkata

Shibendranarayan Sastrir Banglar Paribarik Itihas Kolkata Howrah Hooghly o 24 Parganas

Mahabharata Vol 8 The Karna Parva

By P.Lal

Price : Rs1,000.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Writers Workshop

Mahabharata of Vyasa English Translation edited by P.Lal from original Sanskrit text

I Could Not Save Mahatma Gandhi: Untold Stories from a Witnessís Diary

By Dr Jagdishchandra Jain

Price : Rs395.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Frontpage

The book has its genesis in this unpublished diary of Professor Dr Jagdischandra Jain (1909-1994), a renowned scholar andauthor, held the Chair in the Universities of Bombay, India,Peking, China and Kiel, Germany.In early January 1948, Prof Jain, who later

A collage of Environmental History

By Mahua Sarkar

Price : Rs395.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Alphabet Books

An Environmental History of Dooars in colonial Bengal, British Indian Empire, Werfare and animals in Afghanistan, Indian forest looking through the European Literary, the Tribal community and the Forest

Mathuri, Jagadisi and Kanadi on Gangesa's Avayavacintamani

By Subuddhi Charan Goswami

Price : Rs360.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : The Asiatic Society, Kolkata

Bibliotheca Indica series no 338 Mathuri, Jagadisi and Kanadi on Gangesa's Avayavacintamani ( Text & notes,) Avayavacintamani English Translation, Mathuri text and notes, Jagadisi Text and notes, Kanadi text, selected bibliography, Glossary, index of references, Facsimile of Manuscripts used

Birds of Andaman and Nicobar Islands

By C Sivaperuman, G Gokulakrishnan, J dinesh and P.T. Rajan

Price : Rs1,710.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Zoological Survey of India

Egrets, Heron and Bitterns, Ibis, ducks and Teals, Raptors ( Diurnal) Raptors ( Nocturnal) ,Megapode, Pheasants, Rallids, Shorebirds, Pigeon and Doves, Parakeets, Cuckoos, Kingfishers, Bee-Eaters, Woodpecker

India An Illustrated Atlas of Tribal World

By Hrishikesh Mandal Archana Datta Pradyot Kr Guha

Price : Rs1,150.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Anthropological Survey of India

Preface. Foreword. Introduction. Regional profile of tribal world. I. North-eastern region: 1. Arunachal Pradesh. 2. Assam. 3. Meghalaya. 4. Nagaland. 5. Manipur. 6. Mizoram. 7. Tripura. 8. Sikkim. II. Eastern region: 1. West Bengal. 2. Bihar. 3. Jharkhand. 4. Orissa.

Beder Bhavisyatbani Ebang Islam Dharma

By Paramesh Choudhury

Price : Rs130.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Sagnik Books, Kolkata

Hindu Musalman Sampritir Ashrut Kahini , Kaba : Hindu Musalmaner Milan Mandir

Flora of Rajiv Gandhi National Park Karnataka

By R Manikandan

Price : Rs1,040.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Botanical Survey of India

Foreword. Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Past and present work. 3. Materials and methods. 4. Topography and general features. 5. Ethnic groups. 6. Forest biota. 7. Floristic analysis. 8. Endemic and threatened plants. 9. Sacred groves. 10. Weed flora. 11. Aquatic

Arcasia Heritage (2 Vols Set)

By Edited by Abu Sayeed M. Ahmed

Price : Rs18,000.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Institute of Architects Bangladesh

Vol. I: Foreword. Preface. 1. Bangladesh. 2. China. 3. Hongkong. 4. India. 5. Indonesia. 6. Japan. 7. Korea. 8. Macau. Vol. II: 1. Malaysia. 2. Mongolia. 3. Nepal. 4. Pakistan. 5. Phillipine. 6. Singapore. 7. Sri Lanka. 8. Thailand. 9.

A Pictorial Handbook on Grasshoppers of Western Himalayas

By G.Srinivasan & S. Prabhakar

Price : Rs825.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Zoological Survey of India

Introduction. 1. Acrida exaltata walker 1859. 2. Acrida gigantea Herbst 1794. 3. Acrida turrita linnaeus 1758. 4. Phlaeoba infumata brunner von wattenwyl 1893. 5. Phlaeoba panteli bolivar 1902. 6. Choroedocus illustris walker 1870. 7. Choroedocus robustus serville 1839. 8. Pachyacris

Flora of Lower Subansiri District Arunachal Vol 1

By G D Pal

Price : Rs0.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Botanical Survey of India

The importance of biological resources are as base materials of any countryís economic growth and development. Surveys and inventorisation of plants of lower Subansiri district present.

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