Jayasri Lahiri


The Visible Plants from Early Indian Sculptures : A Study Based on the Depiction in Stone and Terracotta Sculptures Housed at the Indian Museum Kolkata : Parts I and II

By Jayasri Lahiri

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Published by  : Punthi Pustak

A Study on the Depiction on Stone and Terracotta Sculptures. Part I: Acknowledgements. Preface. Introduction. I. Historical context of some select sculptures from the Indian Museum. II. Plant profile in some early and medieval Indian Sanskrit and Pali texts: 1. Plants in Vedic Literature. 2. Plants and trees in the Pali Buddhist Literature. 3. The Arthasastra on Flora. 4. The Epics on the plant world. 5. Plants and trees in the works of Kalidasa. 6. Amarkosa on Vrksavarga. 6. Amarkosa... More

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