Sujit Dasgupta, Prabhas Pande, D. Ganguly


Seismotectonic Atlas of India and Its Environs

By Sujit Dasgupta, Prabhas Pande, D. Ganguly

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Published by  : Geological Survey of India

Foreword. Introduction. Legend. Seisat : 1. Western Himalayan Syntaxis between Kohistan Arc and Potwar Plateau. 2. Tibetan Plateau and Kashmir Ladakh Himalaya. 3. Trans Himalaya between Karakoram and Altyn Tagh Faults. 4. North Rajasthan Punjab sector. 5. Himachal Himalaya and adjoining Indogangetic Plains. 6. Himachal, Kumaon Garhwal Himalaya and their environs. 7. Thar Desert and Plains of Jaisalmer Barmer area. 8. Marwar Plateau and South Delhi Fold Belt. 9. North Delhi Fold Belt and part of... More

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