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Adventures of Princes

By C.A. Rylands

Price : Rs300.00 | $ 20.00

Published by  : Akanksha Publishers & Distributor

Pages : 159 pp

Year : 2008

ISBN : 81-902538-6-7

The Birth of Prince Rajavahana, the Princes set out on their Travels 3. Adventures of Somadatta: The King of Lata’s Ruby, 4. Adventures of Pushpodbhava: How he killed his Rival 5. Adventures of Rajavahana: How he was married to Avantisundari by A Conjurer 6. Further Adventures of Apaharavarma Part-1: He outwits a courtesan and marries her sister part- II Apaharavarma in Prison; the old woman’s cunning helps him to win a Princess Etc
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