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Globalisation, Democracy and Corruption: An Indian Perspective

By Pranab Bardhan

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Pages : 260

Year : 2017

ISBN : 978-93-81043-17-2

Globalisation, Democracy and Corruption: An Indian Perspective is a compilation of articles and commentaries oncontemporary issues of Indian Polity and Economy.Globalisation, neither a plague nor a panacea, makes Bardhanís approach stand out among the contentious debates. Withinthis framework, the discourse probes into how economicglobalisation which can address the problem of poverty hasaffected wages, incomes and access to resources for the poorestpeople in India and abroad. Like globalisation, democracy too,despite rhetoric, does not offer magic solutions. Democracyoften encourages popular movements against capitalist excessesbut is also subject to capture by oligarchic interests. In a comparative analysis, theauthor examines as to how and how far the Chinese economic performance, in spite ofpervasive corruption, has been better than Indiaís. A perfect blend of an economistís insight and field experience based analysis offering guidelines for broad-based development, this volume is an invaluable companion for the policymakers, academia and the general readership as well.
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