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Indian Contribution to the Development of Far Eastern Buddhist Iconography

By A K Bhattacharyya

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Published by  : K P Bagchi & Company

Pages : 242pp so many figures

Year : 2002

ISBN : 8170742110

1. Course of transmission in Buddhist iconography from India to Japan through China and Korea. 2. Panca-Maha-Vidyaraja (Go Dai-Myo-o). 3. Caturmaharajas (Shitenno). 4. Indian Brahmanic and Buddhist deities in the far eastern art. 5. Iconography of the principal disciples of the Buddha and the traditional sixteen arhats. 6. Two divine birds, a general and five powerful Bodhisattvas. 7. Asta-Graha-Devata (Tenryu Hachibu-shu). 8. Seven Gods of good fortune (Shichi Fukujin). Glossary. Select bibliography. Index.
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