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Journal of Bengal Art, Volume 5, 2000


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Published by  : The International Centre for Study of Bengal Art

Pages : 315 pp

Year : 2000

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1. Bengalís contribution to Cola temples/R. Nagaswamy. 2. Considering unusual images and their sites : the example of Kurukulla from Hasra Kol/Janice Leoshko. 3. Two representations of open air shrines in ancient Vanga/B.N. Mukherjee. 4. An unpublished coin Hoard of the Bengal Sultans from Dakshin Dinajpur District, West Bengal/Sutapa Sinha. 5. Two new Copper plates of King Gopala II of the Pala dynasty of Bengal and Bihar, Regnal year 4(c. 877 A.D.)/S.C. Mukherji. 6. Ornamentation in Muslim inscriptions of Bengal/Muhammad Abdul Qadir. 7. The Los Angeles manuscript covers : uncovering and explaining their iconography/Claudine Bautze-Picron. 8. Geographical location of ancient Tamralipta Port/Asok Datta. 9. The auspicious symbol commencing a Pala record and its development/Gouriswar Bhattacharya. 10. Itakhola Mura Temple : its date/Abu Imam. 11. Early urban centres in ancient Bengal/Amita Ray etc
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