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Journal of Bengal Art, Vol. 8, 2003


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Published by  : The International Centre for Study of Bengal Art

Pages : 328 pp plates

Year : 2003

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1. A few epigraphs of the Suburb of Gaur: a study of their contents and Calligraphic art/A.K.M. Yaqub Ali and Ruhul Kuddus Md. Saleh. 2. Some observations on the cosmological Buddhapadas at Pagan/Claudine Bautze-Picron. 3. Late Buddhist monuments in Bangladesh/Nazimuddin Ahmed. 4. Some glimpses of independent states in Bengal in the Gupta period and after/S.C. Mukherji. 5. An inscribed stone image of the Buddhist deity Aparajita/Gouriswar Bhattacharya. 6. Vangala Desa and Ganga Nadu from Tamil sources/R. Nagaswamy. 7. Rouletted ware in Bengal, it's origin, chronology and distribution: an overview/Asok Datta. 8. Terasingha Copper Plate of Bhanudeva Alias Dakarisvara Deva of Orissa/Baba Mishra and Dasarathi Acharya. 9. Some aspects of the Islamic architecture of Bengal/M.C. Joshi. 10. Halahala-Lokesvara -- a Buddhist imitation of Hindu Uma-Mahesvara/A.J. Gail. 11. Archaeological excavations at Jagaddala Vihara etc
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