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Journal of Bengal Art Vol 16 2011


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Published by  : The International Centre for Study of Bengal Art

Pages : 312 pp plates

Year : 2012

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Contributors. 1. The evolution of the Ashta-Maha-Pratiharya iconography and its impact on later Buddhist Art/Heinrich Poell. 2. Buddhist votive tablets across Asia: case studies from Eastern India, Bangladesh, Thailand and Myanmar/Suchandra Ghosh. 3. Subject-wise classification of the inscription of the architectural edifices of Bengal Sultanate : a search for the consistency of the beginning portion of the text with the main theme/A.K.M. Yaqub Ali. 4. Sacred sculpture relics of the Bakreshvar Temple, Birbhum, West Bengal/Andrea Loseries. 5. Facets of life on Terracotta Monuments/Zulekha Haque. 6. Vahana of Buddha, the planetary deity, illustrated in Bengal/Gouriswar Bhattacharya. 7. Independent sculptures of single planetary deities from Eastern India: problems of identification/Gerd J.R. Mevissen. 8. Revisiting art, architecture and architecture and archeology as sources for the history of religion in Bengal/Joseph T. O’Connell. 9. Kushana Terracottas from Lauriya-Nandangarh in the collection of Indian Museum, Kolkata/Rita Dutta. 10. A new light on the significance of lion motif appeared on coins and on a single inscription of the Sultans of Bengal/Sutapa Sinha. 11. The iconography of the deities in the Devyamata, an early Shaiva Pratisthatantra, and the Art of Bengal/Anna A. Slaczka. 12. Archaeology of Sundarban: an overview/Asok Datta and Doyel Banerjee. 13. Are Durga and Dargah the same? Tracing the roots of Veneration rituals in historic Muslim shrines in Bengal/Farhana Mannan. 14. Art and architecture of Pagan in Burma and Eastern India under Pala-Sena Kings/Chotima Chaturawong. 15. Stitches to time/Niaz Zaman. 16. Gateways in Sultanate Architecture of Bengal/Khoundkar Alamgir etc
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