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Once the Hindus Ruled the British

By Paramesh Choudhury

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Published by  : Sagnik Books, Kolkata

Pages : 248 pp

Year : 2016

ISBN : 9789384101152

Part I: 1. Brutus of troy: the ancestor of the Britons. 2. Controversy about the historicity of the chronicles relating to Brutus. 3. Waddel affirms the historicity of Brutus. 4. Synopsis, chapter 13 of Waddel’s book coming of the Britons under king Brutus, the Trojan to Albion about 1103 B.C. 5. Briton “Britain’ and Bitannia from Barat. 6. The Barat (Brihat) or Britons, Panch Phoenicians. 7. Synopsis, chapter 14 anglo-saxons a branch of Britons or Barat-phoenicians. 8. Indian civilisation much older than Phoenicia. 9. Coastal origin E of Indian civilisation. 10. India, the most ancient Naval power. 11. India, home of the phoencians. 12. Hindu-Hittites, who are the Hittites? 13. Phoenicians migrated to West Asia from India. 14. References. II. 15. Kent Kingdom. 16. Jat root of the nobility of England. 17. Rigvedic influence in the British I sles. 18. Battle of ar maghada of the bible is the Mahabharata war. 19. Migration of the jats to Europe. 20. Jat history should be rewritten. 21. References. 22. Suggested reading. 23. Stonehenge. Appendices.
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