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Paippalada Samhita of The Atharvaveda Vol 4

By Dipak Bhattacharya

Price : Rs750.00 | $ 25.00

Published by  : The Asiatic Society, Kolkata

Pages : 226.105

Year : 2016.00

ISBN : 978-93-81574-50-8

Critically edited from palmleaf manuscripts in the Oriya script discovered by Durgamohan Bhattacharya and one Sarada Manuscripts. Paippalada Samhita of The Atharvaveda Vol 4 has abundant philosophical material and seems to have been relatively close to the common people. Its decline might have been related to that and the rise of the saunakiya-Samhita as the main text of the Atharvaveda. a mutilated and hugely corrupt birch-bark Sarada Script manuscript of the AVP had been known fromthe seventies of the nineteenth century.
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