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Water Resource Development in Bangladesh : Historical Documents

By Edited by Salim Rashid and Rezaur Rahman

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Published by  : University Press Ltd. Dhaka

Pages : 502 pp

Year : 2010

ISBN : 978-984-8815-16-8

Introduction. 1. History of the rivers in the Gangetic Delta, 1750-1918. 2. Report on rainfall and floods in North Bengal, 1870-1922. 3. Lectures on the ancient system of irrigation in Bengal and its application to modern problems. 4. Deltaic formation with special reference to the hydrographic processes of the Ganges and the Brahmaputra. 5. Rivers of the Bengal Delta. 6. Report of a United Nations Technical Assistance Mission. 7. Flood control of East Pakistan. 8. Report on hydrology of East Pakistan. 9. Report of the Evaluation Committee: East Pakistan WAPDA and works. 10. Review of the IECO Master etc
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