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Caitanya Biographics by Kavi Karnapura

By Dr Ira Haldar

Price : Rs750.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Sanskrit Book Depot

Kavi Karnapura His Life Works, Norms of Mahakavyam and Sricaitanya Caritamrtam, Sources Materials Sricaitanya caritamritam, A Brief Sketch of the contents of Mahakavyam, Glimpses of Social and Religios conditions, Critical Estimate, Kavi karnapura

Revolutionary Propaganda In Bengal Extremist And Militant Press 1905-1918

By Kabita Roy

Price : Rs350.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Papyrus Publisher

Excerpts From Newspapers, Journals, Leaflets And Pamphlets

The Spoilt Child

By Peary Chand Mitter

Price : Rs0.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Radiance

the SpoiltChild A Tale of Hindu domestic Life famous Bengali book allaler Ghare Dulal Translated by G.d. Oswell

Sculptures in Bangladesh : An Inventory of Select Hindu, Buddhist and Jain Stone and Bronze Images in Museums and Collections of Bangladesh (Up to the 13 Century)


Price : Rs5,000.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : The International Centre for Study of Bengal Art

Studies in Bengal Art Series No. 8,Preface. I. Iconographic studies: 1. Hindu images: i. Vaisnava images. ii. Saiva images. iii. Saura images. iv. Devi images. v. Miscellaneous Hindu images. 2. Syncretic images. 3. Buddhist images. 4. Jaina images. 5. Yaksa

Snakes Of Central India

By Pratyush P. Mohapatra Mukesh Ingle Kailash Chandra

Price : Rs300.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Zoological Survey of India

Itroduction Central India Landscape Evolution of snakes Classification of snakes Biology and natural history Snake taxonomy Species and description Snake-human conflict First aid Anti-snake venom Index

Fauna of Sultanpur National Park Haryana

By Amit Kumar Ghosh Vinay Kumar Srivastava

Price : Rs695.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Zoological Survey of India

Fauna of Sultanpur National Park Haryana book written by various Zoologist of zoological Survey of India

Paippalada- Samhita of The Atharvaveda Vol 2

By Dipak Bhattacharya

Price : Rs400.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : The Asiatic Society, Kolkata

The Paippalada-Samhita of the Atharvaveda was originally the most prominent branch of the Atharvaveda and was known as such to Yaska, Panini, the author of the Mahabhasya and even later. The Paippalada-Samhita often reveals its closeness to the common

Understanding Vivekananda : A Sesquicentennial Exploration

By Edited by Santi Nath Chattopadhyay

Price : Rs600.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Sagnik Books, Kolkata

The work is divided into three parts. Part I : Science, society and socio-cultural Goodness. Part II: Humanistic religion value and unity. Part III: Global philosophy and intercultural World order, examine the intercultural relevance of Vivekananda in a modern prospect

Indian Seashells Part 2 Vivalvia

By N V Subba Rao

Price : Rs3,110.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Zoological Survey of India

Indian Seashells Part 2 Vivalvia by N V Subba Rao

Bengal Tiger in the Bangladesh Sundarbans

By AHM Ali Reza, Md. Anwarul Islam, Md. Mostafa

Price : Rs700.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : The University Press Dhaka

Foreword. Introduction: Biography of the Tiger: 1. The Bengal tiger. 2. Evolution. 3. Taxonomy. 4. Population. 5. Distribution. 6. Studies on the Bengal tiger. Sundarbans: the Mangrove Tigerland: 1. Physical features. 2. Salinity. 3. Soil. 4. Climate. 5. Vegetation and

Mahabharata Vol 7 The Drona Parva

By P.Lal

Price : Rs1,200.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Writers Workshop

Mahabharata of Vyasa English Translation from original Sanskrit text Edited by P.Lal

Terracottas of Bengal An analytical Study

By Zulekha Haque

Price : Rs4,000.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : The International Centre for Study of Bengal Art

Studies in Bengal Art Ser no 11 History of Bengal upto 1857, Terracotta Monuments and scheme of Terracotta Decorations, Literary Sources of the Terracotta Depictions, Framework of Society of Terracotta Monuments, Religious Cults Practiced in the Society, Economic Activities of

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