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The Idea of History in A Changing World

By Deba Prosad Choudhury

Price : Rs895.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : K P Bagchi & Company

Greek and Roman Historiography, Christian Historiography in the Medieval Period, The Renaissance Historiography, The Enlightenment Historiography , the romantic Reaction and the Birth of Historicism, Philosophy of History, High Noon Speculative Philosophy of History, Analytical or Critical Philosophy of

Gandhiji in Calcutta

By P.T Nair

Price : Rs2,200.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Punthi Pustak

First visit to Calcutta 2 Gandhiji becomes Mahatma 3 Mahatma conducts Deshabandhus Funeral 1925 4 Gandhiji on Calcutta 5 One day visit to Calcutta 1947 6 Chronology 15th to 19th August 1947 7 Chronology II 20th

Caitanya Biographics by Kavi Karnapura

By Dr Ira Haldar

Price : Rs750.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Sanskrit Book Depot

Kavi Karnapura His Life Works, Norms of Mahakavyam and Sricaitanya Caritamrtam, Sources Materials Sricaitanya caritamritam, A Brief Sketch of the contents of Mahakavyam, Glimpses of Social and Religios conditions, Critical Estimate, Kavi karnapura’s Sri Caitanya Candrodayam etc

Vibrant Rock: A Catalogue of Stone Sculptures in the State Archaeological Museum, West Bengal

By Gautam Sengupta, Sharmila Saha

Price : Rs2,200.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Directorate of Archaeology and Museum

Map of West Bengal Showing the Find spots of Sculptures, Brahmanical Sculptures, buddhist Sculptures, Jain Sculptures, Architectural Fragments, Appendix 1 Inscribed Sculptures, Appendix 2 Rock Types and Their Sources, List of Gifted Stone Sculptures in the State Archaeological Museum, Glossary,

Spiritual Gita in 3 Vols

By Shyamacharan Lahiri\'s and Bhupendranath Sanyal

Price : Rs1,000.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Sundeep Agarwala

Introduction. Preface. Foreword. 1. Vishad-Yoga or depression of spirits. 2. Sankhya-Yoga or reasoning of spirits. 3. Karma-Yoga or action. 4. Gyan-Yoga or knowledge. 5. Karma-Sanyas Yoga or action and renunciation. 6. Dhyan or Abhyas Yoga or meditation or practice of

Complete Works of Lahiri Mahasay, Vol. IV. The Six Systems - Sara Darsan


Price : Rs0.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : B Chakraborty

1. The Sankhya Sutras of Siddha Kapil. 2. The Yoga Sutras of Yogi Patanjali. 3. The Nyaya Sutras of Sage Gautama. 4. The Vaisesika Sutras of Sage Kanada. 5. The Substance of Mimangsa of Sage Jaimini. 6. The Vedanta Darsan

Pratna Samiksha Volume 2 Year 2011

By Nupur Dasgupta et al

Price : Rs1,000.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Centre for Archeological Studies & Training Eastern India

Quantitative Analysis , Excavations and Explorations, Inscriptions and Architecture Colour Plates 18 162pp

An Enquiry into the Status of Lepcha

By Satarupa Dattamajumdar

Price : Rs1,000.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : The Asiatic Society, Kolkata

Foreword, Preface, Acknowledgement, Abbreviations, Chapter 1 Introduction, The Lepchas, Geographical Location, Linguistic filiation of Lepcha, Study of Literature, chapter II Population and Social Dynamics,the Linguistic Status of lepcha A Grammatical Sketch, Chapter IV The Linguistic status of Lepcha developement of

History of the Freedom Movement in India 3 Vols Set

By R C Majumdar

Price : Rs3,000.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Firma KLM Pvt Ltd

Vol. I: Preface. I. Sporadic outbursts against British rule: 1. Establishment of British rule. 2. The condition of the people. 3. Early reactions against British rule: A. Bengal. B. Other parts of India. 4. Early movements for driving out the

Algae of India Vol 1 A Checklist of Cyanoprokaryota (Cyanophyceae)

By Prativa Gupta

Price : Rs564.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Botanical Survey of India

Foreword. Preface. Introduction. 1. Chroococcaceae Wettst. 2. Chamaesiphonales wetts. 3. Pleurocapsales geitler. 4. Nostocales Geitler. 5. Stigonematales geitler. 6. List of excluded taxa references

India Tibet-China: Trans-Himalayan Conflict

By Phanindranath Chakrabarti

Price : Rs500.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Sagnik Books, Kolkata

Soverign and Idependent Status of Tibet, Anglo-bhutan War (1772) and its impact, the Last Unofficial British Commercial Mission to Tibet, Tibeto Russian Relations, British Policy in Tibet since 1774, Tibet’s Independent Foreign Policy, Sino British Policy in Tibet, Trans-himalayan conflict,

A Historical Development of Middle-Indo-Aryan Language with reference to Buddhist Literature and Epigraphy

By Saheli Das

Price : Rs480.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Punthi Pustak

Introduction – A General Survey, Palaeographic Records of Mia Languages, History, Structure and Characteristics of Pali and Prakrit The Early Mia Languages 6th century B.C 1st Century B.C. A Phase of change during the period between the 1st century B.C

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