A Matter of Conscience

By Nikhil Sarkar

Price : Rs2,000.00 | $ 45.00

Published by  : Punascha

December 2003 123pp. Colour Plates and B.W Plates... More


Manindra Bhusan Gupta : A Legacy of Bengal School 1898-1968

By Ruchira Gupta

Price : Rs1,250.00 | $ 40.00

Published by  : Ruchira Gupta Kolkata

The man and the artist. A mentor (1925-1965). Woodcut and pen and ink drawing (1926-133). Biographical sketch. Oh Gupta. Letter from Abaninda Nath Tagore. Letter from Rabindra Nath Tagore and Nanda Lal Bose. Letter from Abaninda Nath Tagore. Cover. List of paintings... More


Paintings of Abanindranath Tagore

By R Siva Kumar

Price : Rs3,500.00 | $ 70.00

Published by  : Pratikshan, Kolkata

Acknowledgements. 1. Abanindranath Tagore: the Great Maestro/Mukesh D. Ambani and Nita M. Ambani. 2. Author's note/R. Siva Kumar. 3. Foreword/K.G. Subramanyan. 4. Introduction. 5. The beginnings to Krishna Lila.... More


The Bageswari Lectures on Art, Part II

By Abanindranath Tagore D.Litt. Translated by Ranendranath Bandyopadhyay

Price : Rs300.00 | $ 25.00

Published by  : Pranoti Publication, Kolkata

13. The stream of Rassa and creation. 14. Artistic instinct. 15. The beautiful. 16. The non-1.beautiful. 2. Nation and art. 3. The formless of the form. 4. The knowledge of form. 5. Form etc viewing. 21. Memory and power... More


Art of Bengal : A Vision Defined 1955-1975

By Edited by Rudrangshu Mukherjee

Price : Rs3,600.00 | $ 70.00

Published by  : CIMA

Foreword. 1. Chronicle of a decline foretold: Bengal, 1955-75/Rudrangshu Mukherjee. 2. A bridge too far: culture and the left in West Bengal/Bhaswati Chakravorty. 3. An idiom of their own/Sovon Som. 4. From Indian to individual/Rita Datta. Chronology. Bio-datas etc... More


Art of Bengal Past and Present 1850-2000

By Edited by Rakhi Sarkar etc

Price : Rs3,600.00 | $ 60.00

Published by  : CIMA

Foreword. 1. Bengal : an overview 1800-2000/Rajat Kanta Ray. 2. Art of Bengal: an overview/Rakhi Sarkar. 3. Early Bengal Oils/Arun Ghosh. 4. The nineteenth century art of Bengal—a reappraisal/Sovan Som. 5. Abanindranath and his legacies/R. Siva Kumar. 6. Quest for a new language 1940-2000/Ella Datta. 7. Trapeze acts of the self: apropos of a journey/Anshuman Das Gupta. Plates. Idea of Bengal... More


Paresh Maity : Drawings Paintings Sculptures Photographs: 28 Nov. -28 Dec. 2007

By Ella Datta & Parresh Maity

Price : Rs4,000.00 | $ 80.00

Published by  : CIMA

1. Drawings. 2. Mixed Media. 3. Watercolours. 4. Oils. 5. Sculptures. 6. Photographs.... More


Khuddur Jatra : Supplementary Volume with Introductions and Readings, Vols. I and II Abanindranath Tagore

By Edited by Samik Bandyopadhyay

Price : Rs3,900.00 | $ 90.00

Published by  : Pratikshan, Kolkata

Abanindranath Thakur and Jorasanko Kalikata, Vol. I. Abanindranath Tagore's manuscript in facsimile with 241 pages as numbered by him, and unnumbered pages, making a total of 272. Vol. II. 1. The craft of Whimsy : Sankha Ghosh. 2. The other Abanindranath : Ramananda Bandyopadhyay. 3. A preliminary note on Khuddur Jatra : R. Siva Kumar. 4. Commentary with translation : Samik Bandyopadhyay.... More


An Enchanted Space : The Private World of Ganesh Pyne

By Sovan Som

Price : Rs3,500.00 | $ 65.00

Published by  : CIMA

Preface/Rakhi Sarkar. Ganesh Pyne/Sovon Som. Plates. Chronology. List of illustrations. Ganesh Pyne using his images by religious iconography. In this book 50 colour illustration.... More


Tantrayana Art : An Album: With Introduction and Notes

By S.K. Saraswati

Price : Rs900.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : The Asiatic Society, Kolkata

Foreword. Preface. Introduction. Descriptive notes on illustrations: 1. Maitreya. 2. Manjusri. 3. Avalokitesvara. 4. Tara. 5. Marichi. 6. Chunda. 7. Prajnaparamita. 8. Jambhala: Vasudhara. 9. Vajrasatva. 10. Vajrapani. 11. Heruka: Nairatmya. 12. Vajrayogini. 13. Sambara. 14. Yamari (Yamantaka). 15. Bhutadamara. 16. Trailokyavijaya. 17. Halahala Lokesvara. 18. Mahamayuri. 19. Mahasarasvati. 20. Ushnishavijaya. 21. Aparajita. 22. Parnasavari. 23. Vagisvari. 24. Nirukti Pratisamvit. 25. Life of Gautama Buddha. 26. Dhyani Buddhas. 27. Buddha wearing jewelled ornaments. 28. Paintings. Glossary.... More


Raja Ravi Varma : Painter of Colonial India

By Rupika Chawla

Price : Rs3,950.00 | $ 0.00

Published by  : Mapin Publisehers

Author's Note. 1. Private lives and the turn of the century. 2. The itinerant Varma brothers. 3. Cities and states. 4. Exploring the source. 5. Themes and preoccupations. 6. The image moves on. 7. A century looks back. 8. Painting the canvas. Notes. Index.... More


Rabindra Chitravali: Paintings of Rabindranath Tagore

By R Siva Kumar

Price : Rs20,000.00 | $ 400.00

Published by  : Pratikshan, Kolkata

4-volume boxed set, 2 volumes in each box, with a separate catalogue with thumbnail 14X 11.5 inches. Rabindra Chitravali brings together in four volumes the paintings of Rabindranth Tagore. The core of this corpus is his paintings in the Rabindra Bhavana and Kala Bhavana collections of Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan, numbering about 1700 objects. To this will be added paintings in the collection of National Gallery of Modern Art and the collections at Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata, National Gallery of Modern Art,... More


The Heritage Of Haider Ali And Tipu Sultan : Art And Architecture


Price : Rs0.00 | $ 0.00

Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgement. 1. Historical Background. 2. Architectural Heritage of Bangalore and its Neighbourhood. 3. Architectural Heritage of Srirangapatna. 4. Murals of the Darya Daulat Palace in Srirangapatna. 5. Scientific Investigation into the Materials and Techniques of the Wall Paintings at the Darya Daulat Palace, Srirangapatna and the Palace at Bangalore. Appendix: Coins and Currency System of Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan. Credits. Bibliography. Index... More


Masterpieces of Rajput Painting

By O C Ganguly

Price : Rs10,000.00 | $ 250.00

Published by  : Rabindranath Roy charitable Trust

Annotated and description in relation to original Hindi texts from religious literature, with an introduction. Limited Hardbound Edition book size 18 inch X 12 inch.List of plates School of Rajputana Xii plates in 6 colour School of Jummu vii plates in 1 Colour, School of Basholi 4 plates in 1 colour, School of Chamba 4 plates, School of Kangra 27 plates in 18 colours... More


Survey of Sino Indian Artistic Discourse: A Twentieth Century Framework

By Amitava Bhattacharya

Price : Rs1,995.00 | $ 65.00

Published by  : Towards Freedom Kolkata

The book is of immense value to scholars and researchers of Art History, East Asian studies cultural history relating to China with an Indian Perspective. Published in collaboration with Maulana Abul Kalam Institute of Asian Studies, Kolkata. PP 88, Total 54 plates of which for the first time 44 very rare master pieces from Chinese Archives with due permission from Govt agencies in China. Remaining from Kala Bhavan Visva Bharati University , Santineketan, India, & Private collectors Complete 4 color... More


Paintings of Gaganendranath Tagore

By R Siva Kumar

Price : Rs8,000.00 | $ 200.00

Published by  : Pratikshan, Kolkata

Note from the Publisher, Introduction, The World Around, Seen and Imagined Landscapes, Puri and Nocturnals, Chaitanya and other Narratives, Bizzare Truths, An Engagement with the Mountains, cubist Visions, Towards a Silent Darkness, Conclusion, Chronology Through Art Historians and Scholar R siva Kumar describes the paintings of Gaganendranath Tagore as primarily a book images with its large body of the Master’s Works reproduced in a Large Format, In fact the largest collection so far, it uravels a sparsely documented narrative that pieces... More


Portfolio of Satirical Pictures of Gaganendranath Tagore

By R Siva Kumar

Price : Rs6,000.00 | $ 150.00

Published by  : Lalmati

Birupa Bajra containing 13 plates, Realm of the absurd (adbhut Lok)15 plates, Reform Screams (naba Hullor) 17 plates Our enduring interest in Gaganendranath’s cartoons have two reasons. Firstly like the caricatures of Daumier, they have a graphic quality of their own.... More


Hemendranath Majumdar

By Anuradha Ghosh

Price : Rs1,500.00 | $ 55.00

Published by  : Rajya charukala Parshad

the Garden of Forking Paths, A story of Her own: Representing Women, Images of the Nation: Interrogating the Hyperal, Landscapes : Framing Locality Enconding Culture, The Models of Hemendranath ... More

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