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Dialogue on Terrorism : Netaji Subhas and the Swarajist in Perspective: Bipin Chandra Pal, Md. Ali Jinnah, C.D. Aiyanger, Alexander Muddiman, Amar Nath Dutta, Charles Tegart, Lord Lyton

By Edited by Arjun Goswami

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In July 1924, the Government of Bengal appealed for special power to curve the 'terrorist' activities of the Swarajist led by C.R. Das and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. With obvious concern to avoid a repetation of the Rowlatt act agitation the Government of India permitted the viceroy Lord Lytton to promulgate Bengal criminal law amendment ordinance valid for six months permitting the government to try cases before a tribunal without jury and without right of appeal and to arrest and... More


Gandhi Jinnah Correspondence and Communal Question

By Amalendu De

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On the occasion of the Celebration of 50th year of India's Independenceauthor have to look back tp properly understand the cross-currents of Indian Political Scenario... More

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