Anirudha Dey


Catalogue of Marine Molluscs ( Polyplacophora and Gastropoda)

By Anirudha Dey

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Published by  : Zoological Survey of India

Introduction, Review of Indian Works, Class Polyplacophora, Class Gastropoda, Subclass Prosobranchia, Order Archaeogastropoda, Mesogastropoda, Neogastropoda, Subclass Heterobranchia, Superorder Altogastropoda, Subclass Opisthogranchia, Order Cephalospidea, Order Saccoglossa, Order Aplysiomorpha, Order Notaspidea, OrderThecosomata, OrderNudibranchia, Subclass Gymnomorpha, Order Systellommatophora, Subclass Pulmonata, OrderArchaeopulmonata, Order Basommatophora, bibliography, Index, Figures ... More

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