Benudhar Patra


Studies in the Heritage, History and Archaeology of Orissa

By Benudhar Patra

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Published by  : Punthi Pustak

Preface. 1. Archaeology and the maritime history of Ancient Orissa. 2. Trade routes and trade in Ancient Orissa. 3. The Temple City: in history and archaeology. 4. Dhauli: An early historic urban centre of Orissa. 5. Jaugada: an early historical fort town of Orissa. 6. Emperor Kharavela and his Capital City, Kalinganagari: An archaeological study. 7. New light on the identification of Che-li-ta-lo of Hiuen Tsang-An archaeological study. 8. Identification of Pu-Se-Po-K'i-li of Hiuen Tsang: New lights on Archaeological perspective.... More

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