Ch. Satyanarayana and Ramakrishna


Handbook on Hard Corals of Gulf of Kachchh

By Ch. Satyanarayana and Ramakrishna

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Published by  : Zoological Survey of India

Introduction. 1. Formation of coral reefs. 2. Importance of coral reefs. 3. Types of reefs. 4. Major coral reef regions in India. 5. Coral regions of Kachchh. 6. Hard corals in the harsh environment of gulf of Kachchh. 7. Scleractinian fauna of gulf of Kachchh. 8. Systematic position of hard corals. 9. Polyp. 10. Identification of hard corals. 11. Symbiotic relationship. 12. Reproduction and spectacular spawning event. 13. Destruction of coral reefs. 14. Taxonomic account. 15. Coral associates. 16. Suggested... More

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