J.R.B. Alfred, A.K. Das and A.K. Sanyal


Animals of India: Mammals

By J.R.B. Alfred, A.K. Das and A.K. Sanyal

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Published by  : Zoological Survey of India

Introduction: 1. Mammals. 2. Indian mammals. 3. List of Indian mammals. 4. List of endemic Indian mammals. Order Insectivora: Family: 1. Erinaceidae: Hedgehogs. 2. Soricidae: Shrews. 3. Talpidae: Moles. Order Scandentia: 1. Family Tupaiidae: tree shrews. Order Chiroptera: Family: 1. Pteropodidae: fruit bats, flying foxes. 2. Rhinopomatidae: mouse-tailed bats. 3. Emballonuridae: Tomb bats. 4. Megadermatidae: false vampires. 5. Rhinolophidae: Horse-shoe bats. 6. Hipposideridae: leaf-nosed bat. 7. Vespertilionidae: evening bats. etc ... More

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