Subimal Palit & Sanjay Kajaria


Jute Inustry : A Historical Perspective 1830 -2006

By Subimal Palit & Sanjay Kajaria

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Foreword. Preface/Subimal Palit. 1. Origin of Jute, early history. 2. Growth of Jute cultivation and economy. 3. Dundee and Jute. 4. 1879-99 Calcutta becoming greatest competitor to Dundee in Jute exports. 5. Dundee and India: Roots, rivalry and interdependence. 6. Transition and management takeover from Europeans to Indians-Marwaris. 7. Management style of Europeans and Indians organizational foresight. 8. Indian industry immediately after independence-1947. 9. Some aspects of Indian Jute Industry. 10. India, profile of industry, Jute goods production and consumption.... More

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