W.C. Hossack, R.E. Lloyd


Memoirs of the Indian Museum, Vol. I. No. 1-4 (1907-09)

By W.C. Hossack, R.E. Lloyd

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Vol 1. July, 1907--An account of the rats of Calcutta/W.C. Hossack. Vol 2. February, 1908--The anatomy of Bathynomus giganteus/R.E. Lloyd. Vol 3. January, 1909--The Oligochaeta of India, Nepal, Ceylon, Burma and the Andaman Islands/W. Michaelsen. 3b. The Anatomy of some aquatic Oligochaeta from the Punjab/J. Stephenson. Vol 4. April, 1909--Investigator Sicarius, a Gephyrean worm hitherto undescribed, the type of a new order/F.H. Stewart.... More

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