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A Tale of Tea Tokens

By S K Bose, Anjali Dutta, Jayanta Dutta

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Published by  : The Asiatic Society, Kolkata

Pages : 185 Plates

Year : 2021

ISBN : 978-81-951967-4-6

Foreword, Prologue, Preface 1.Discovery of Tea Plants and Growth of Tea Industry in India,2. Beginning of Tea Plantation in Assam,3.Expansion of Tea Garden in India 4.Economic Condition of Assam at the Beginning British Raj,5.Means of communication Waterways, Railways and Roads Towards Tea Plants in Assam, 6.Advent of Migrant Labour, 7.Contemporary coinage in Assam and practice of Batta,8.Coins and Tokens,9. Tea Garden Tokens 10.Tea in Blue Mountains 11.Tea in other Parts of the World,12.Advertising Tea with Eye Catching packages, 13. Catalogue 14.Appendix,15. Bibliography 16.Index
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