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Bengal Tiger in the Bangladesh Sundarbans

By AHM Ali Reza, Md. Anwarul Islam, Md. Mostafa

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Published by  : The University Press Dhaka

Pages : 141 pp figs

Year : 2004

ISBN : 984-8574-09-3

Foreword. Introduction: Biography of the Tiger: 1. The Bengal tiger. 2. Evolution. 3. Taxonomy. 4. Population. 5. Distribution. 6. Studies on the Bengal tiger. Sundarbans: the Mangrove Tigerland: 1. Physical features. 2. Salinity. 3. Soil. 4. Climate. 5. Vegetation and biodiversity. 6. Wildlife sanctuary and world heritage site. 7. Study sites. 8. Katka-Kochikhali. 9. Floral Study. 10. Forest structure. 11. Forest composition. 12. Phenology. 13. Burigoalini. 14. Vegetation. Tiger in Katka-Kochikhali: 1. Population: i. Population estimation. ii. Density and biomass. 2. Ecological facts: i. Territory. ii. Activity pattern. iii. Habitat preference. iv. Food and feeding habit. Prey Dependency of the Tiger: 1. Prey species: i. Spotted deer. ii. Wild boar. iii. Rhesus macaque. 2. Ecological Facts: i. Population dynamics. ii. Activity pattern. iii. Habitat preferences. iv. Prey selection. v. Sex ratio and breeding season. Man-Tiger Interaction etc
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