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Conservation and Restoration of Brick Architecture : Special Reference to Manipur: North-East India


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Year : 2008

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Editorial. Preface. About ICOMOS. India ICOMOS Executive Board. ICOMOS National Committees. ICOMOS International Scientific Committees. India ICOMOS Members. 1. Manipur: a profile/S. Bheigya Singh. 2. Kangla Fort--a historical perspective (Historical, religious and archaeological significance)/Sarojini Devi. 3. Role of Mera Houchongba in the development of unity and integrity of Manipur/Sairem Nilabir. 4. Conservation methodology with special reference to Manipur/Nilanjan Bhowal. 5. Architecture at Kangla and its need for conservation/Bhabeshwar Tongbram. 6. Conservation and restoration of Shree Shree Govindaji Temple, Imphal, Manipur/B.C. Mukherjee. 7. The need for conservation of the Sana Konung--the Royal Palace of Manipur/K. Sabita Devi. 8. Conservation of Brick--Built Heritage in North-East India/Jagatpati Joshi. 9. Brick Temples of North-East India and their conservation problems/G.C. Chauley. 10. Conservation and restoration of Heritage Buildings: issues and policies/K.N. Dikshit. 11. Heritage conservation: problems and remedies/S.S. Biswas. Appendices: 1. A report on the workshop "Conservation of Brick Architecture in India with special reference to Eastern India" held at Imphal, Manipur--From 22.04.05 to 24.04.05. 2. Minutes of the Meeting of India--ICOMOS held on April 2005, at Imphal, Manipur. 3. Xian's Warrior of Clay. 4. The cultural heritage at Risk Platform. 5. ICOMOS World Report 2000 on monuments and sites in danger. 6. Ethical Commitment Statement for ICOMOS Members Revision, November 2002, Madrid. Preamble. Glossary. Bibliography. Photo documentation : Shree Shree Govindaji Temple (Conservation and restoration : Before, In Progress and After).
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