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Journal of Bengal Art Vol 17 2012


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Published by  : The International Centre for Study of Bengal Art

Pages : 332 pp pbk plates

Year : 2013

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1. Bengal's artistics legacy at home and abroad: Atisa and other connections with Tibet/Susan L. Huntington. 2. Towards understanding the Buddhist environment in two Brahmanical settlement zones from some unpublished Buddhist antiquities of erstwhile West Dinajpur, West Bengal/Ranjusri Ghosh. 3. Residential Madrasa cim mosues in Mughal Dhaka and their characteristic features/Ayesha Begum. 4. From Candragupta II to Kumaragupta I: styles in the patterning of Gupta coin designs/Ellen M. Raven. 5. Understanding glimpses from the Caryapadas on cotton carding and their probable bearing on seaborne trade and commerce of early medieval Bengal (c.9th/10th century C.E. to 13th)/Krishnendu Ray. 6. Sunga pots from Chanraketugarh: masterpieces of ancient Bengal/Gourishankar De. 7. Picturing deities and everyday life: Kantha, embroideries from rural Bengal/Helmut F. Neumann and Heidi A. Neumann. 8. Harikela coins: study of the bull depiction/Amit Kumar Upadhyay. 9. The rural woman of Kalna and their syncretic fair of Majlis Sahib Art and culture/Shamir Isha. 10. The Mandala temples in Paharpur, Mainamati and Vikramasila: a new interpretation/Adelheid Herrmann Pfandt. 11. The representation of Goddess Tripurasundari in Bengal in the context of the formation of Vaisnava and Bengal identity/Madhu Khanna. 12. Woman and tree motif in Chandraketugarh art/Subhradip De. 13. Contribution of the polished thin section method to investigate the surface coating technology of archaeological pottery/Dilruba Sharmin and Fumio Okada. 14. Did Magaradhavaja Yogi ever visit Bengal? a case study of three image inscriptions from Bangladesh/Susmita Basu Majumdar and Vishi Upadhayay etc
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