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By Edited by Swati Mondal Adikari

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Published by  : Sagnik Books, Kolkata

Pages : 172.xv including 32pp col

Year : 2021

ISBN : 978-93-84101-54-1

Acknowledgement, Distinguished contributors,Introduction, Editorial 1. C.P.Sinha Goddess Parvati in the art of Bihar and Jharkhand, II Deepirekha Kouli Matrkas in the Temple of Assam, Ellen Goldberg : Parvati in Indian art and culture, L.S.Nigam & Prabhat Kumar Singh : Mahisasuramardini in Indian art with special refference to Chattisgarh, Mrigakhee Saikia : Goddess in the art of the Kapila Yamuna Valley of Assam a study based on Archaeological Remains, Neel Bhattacharya : Void Appears as form Surpassing Splendor of the Tantrika Goddess, Om Prakash Misra : The Origin and Development of Spta matrkas in Early Indian Art Paromita Das : The Iconography of Manasa in Assam, Priya Thakur : Mahisasuramardini in Cannakesava Temple at Aralaguppe, R.K.K. Rajaranjan : Myriad faces of Devi the Aksaradevatas , Rashmita Phukan : The Mahisasuramardini Icons of Ambari in Assam, Swati Mondal Adhikari : Ganga and Yamuna The River Goddesses list of illustrations
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