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Oration of Buddha

By Dr. Subhas Sarkar

Price : Rs325.00 | $ 20.00

Published by  : Sparrow Publication

Pages : 163 pp colour photo (pb)

Year : 2008

ISBN : 9788189140267

1. The book was bilingually composed during my stay in England when I was in England. It is an epic poem in about 8000 lines of verse 2. The English version contains 208 "Orations of Buddha" designed to address the world anew. The poems are integrated ones arranged in the form of a 'Trilogy', i.e. it has three groups of poems complete in themselves, but with a common theme, and these are in the following order: I) Manifest Buddha: 4 chapters each in three sections, each of which again has about 10-12 poems which have well-conceived titles totalling 140 poem-orations. II) Resolve of Buddha: 42 poems in 4 sections, each with 10-11 poems. III) In Admiration of Earth: 26 poems in 3 sections, each with 9-10 poems. etc
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