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Studies In Indian Numismatics

By Dolly Mukherjee

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Pages : 144.xiv 40 col. plates

Year : 2012

ISBN : 9789381707265

Contents: Preface. 1. Coins of India. 2. Copper bent-bar coins from Kausambi. 3. Madhipur hoard of copper punch-marked coins. 4. Metrology of the Malava coins and its reflection on their economic condition. 5. Vishnu on early Indian coins. 6. Lakshmi and Gajalakshmi in early Indian art and coins. 7. Ardoksha to Lakshmi. 8. Gaja-Lakshmi motif on some sealings from Nalanda. 9. Salabhanjika in early Indian art and coin. 10. Three distinctive temple styles on early coins of northern India. 11. A note on a gold coin of Jayavarman. 12. A rare gold coin of Muhammad bin Sam. 13. A rare fold coin of Sher Shah. 14. Persian impact of Bijapur Larin: a study in economic history. 15. Artistic traits of the coins of Awadh. 16. A few interesting Ramatankas. 17. Coins of the Republic of India from 1950 to 1982. 18. The coin collection of the Indian Museum: history and importance. Select bibliography. Publication reference.
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