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The Yuga Purana

By Edited by John E. Mitchiner

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Published by  : The Asiatic Society, Kolkata

Pages : 160 pp

Year : 2002 reprint

ISBN : 81-7236-124-6

Preface. Introduction. 1. The Yuga-Purana and the treatises of Garga. 2. The authenticity of the Gargiya-jyotisa. 3. The authenticity of the Yuga-Purana. 4. Previous editions and textual studies. 5. The manuscripts of the Yuga-Purana. 6. The structure of the Yuga-Purana. 7. The language of the Yuga-Purana. 8. Correspondences between the Yuga-Purana and other works. 9. Sectarianism in the Yuga-Purana. 10. The historicity of the account: A. Janamejaya Pariksit. B. Udayin and the founding of Pataliputra. C. Salisuka in Pataliputra. D. The Yavana incursion. E. Seven kings of Saketa. F. Anarchy and Amrata in Pataliputra. G. The rule of the Agnivesya kings. H. The reign of king Satuvara. I. The Saka incursion and defeat. J. Regions in which men will survive and prosper. 11. The place of composition. 12. The date of composition. 13. The value of the Yuga-Purana. Text and critical apparatus. Translation and notes. Appendices. Bibliography. Indices
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