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Whispers of Eternity (an Autobiography)

By Bhaskar Gupta

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My Childhood, As a young man My encounter with Utpal Dutt, My most Blessed moment, A trace of Talent A forsaken baby, blessed Mother Teresa of Kolkata, Forlorn Children My first encounter with Mother Teresa, My True friendship with brother Sebastian etc.... More


Quality in Higher Education

By Anup Kumar Datta, Swapanendu Sen

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Public expenditure on higher education in India: Pattern and Implications by Debajit Chakraborty, Empowering Students for Employability, provision education Approach by Tilak Chatterjee, Faculty development as Strategy for quality in higher Education by Swapan Kumar Maity, Ensuring quality in higher education in basic Sciences: problems and prospects by Suranjan Roy etc.... More


The Sepoy Mutiny from Telegraph Messages (1857-1858)

By Santosh Ghosh

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Foreword Publisherís Note Authorís Olden and Golden Days of Telegraphs Rise and fall of Delhi On the valley of Ganga and Gomoti, The last of the central India Appendix Notes References Index ... More

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