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Muslim Quest for Separate Identity

By Asim Pada Chakrabarti

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Muslim Quest for Separate Identity As Reflected through Bengal Legislature 1912 to 1936 content The Socioeconomic background of the Muslims of Bengal, Muslim Politics inBengal 1912 to 1936, consciousness to Achieve progress in Education, Anziety for Securing Opportunities in Employment, Awareness of Importance of obtaining control over the Local bodies, Attempts to protect the interests of the Tenants, Eagerness to keep seperate Religious Identity conclusion, appendices, bibliography,, Index ... More


India Malaysia Relations in the Post Cold War Period

By Anjana Ghosh

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India Malaysia Relations in the Post Cold War Period from Indifference to Cordiality, Common suffering, Common Agenda, India Malaysia Bridging through Economics Impact of Major Powers on India Malaysia relation, India Malaysia in Regional and Multiliteral Forum etc... More


Sea Piracy and Maritime Terrorism in South and Southeast Asia : Implications for Regional Organizations

By Amrita Dey

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Preface. Introduction. 1. Analyzing sea piracy and maritime terrorism within the non-traditional security paradigm in South and Southeast Asia. 2. Regional cooperation to combat sea piracy and maritime terrorism in South and Southeast Asia: examining the role of multilateralism in Asia. 3. Extra-regional powers-role of USA, Japan, China and EU in arresting sea piracy and maritime terrorism. 4. India's role in maritime cooperation in Southeast Asia. Conclusion. General Bibliography.... More


Unfinished Revolution : The Spring Thunder and Beyond

By Asish Kumar Roy

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Introduction. Abbreviations. 1. Maoism in India: Irruption-Retreat-Resurrection, 1948-1966. 2. Naxalbari--I: The human of India! 3. Naxalbari--II: Battleground of the CPC. 4. Towards India's Third Communist Party: Birth of the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist). 5. The Programme and the organisation the CPI (M-L). 6. The CPI (M-L) in operation. 7. The CPI (M-L) at the dead end: deepening ideological crisis and finale. 8. Summary and conclusion. Appendix: 1. Constitution of the CPI (M-L). 2. Biographical sketches of CPI (M-L) leaders.... More

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