The Jews of India

By Dalia Roy

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Foreword, Preface,.Introduction. 1 Jews of Kerala, 2. Bene Israel jews of India, The Calcutta Jews,4.Bene menasche jews of Mizoram and Manipur, 5. Bene Ephraim Jews of Andhra pradesh, 6. Recent Jeswish Immigrants in India, 7. Indian Jews in Israel, 8 conclusion , bibliography, Index ... More


The Spoilt Child

By Peary Chand Mitter

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the SpoiltChild A Tale of Hindu domestic Life famous Bengali book allaler Ghare Dulal Translated by G.d. Oswell ... More


Rebellion 1857 A Selection

By Edited by Ananda Bhattacharya

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Introduction. 1. History of the sepoy war/J.W. Kaye. 2. The history of the Indian mutiny/Charles Ball. 3. Eastern Bengal District gazetteer: Dacca/B.C. Allen. 4. Bengal District gazetteer: 24 parganas/L.S.S.O Malley. 5. Echoes of the Indian mutiny at Dacca. Report on cachar during 1857-1858. Index... More


Thoughts on Religious Politics in India (1957-2008) in 3 vols

By Edited by Pramod Shah

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: (1857 August 14 1947 from first freedom movement to freedom of India, Copyright statement Acknowledgements foreword (Hindi Version), preface (English version) A critical introduction of the subject, Selected speeches writings letters Interviews Editorials etc Section etc... More

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