Baba Mishra


Facets of Orissa History, Culture and Archaeology

By Baba Mishra

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Published by  : R.N.Bhattacharya

.N.B. Art Series No. XIV, Foreword. Preface. 1. Rise of civilization in the Tel River Valley, Orissa : an overview. 2. River Telavaha and its Janapadas. 3. Water management systems in early Orissa. 4. Sidelight on urbanization in ancient Orissa. 5. Kalahandi : a toponomical study. 6. Headless Goddess of Nuapada, Orissa : a study of its antiquity and identity. 7. Headless sculpture in the temple art of Kalahandi, Orissa. 8. Belkhandi : revisited. 9. Antiquities of Sankushgarh. 10. Chronology... More

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