Forty Essays on Indological Studies A collection from the Works of P.C. Bagchi

By Edited by Ratna Sinha and Shyamalkanti Chakravarti

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Vol 1 Dohakosa ( with notes and Translation, The Sibilants in the Buddhist Dohas, Materials for a critical Edition of the Old Bengali Caryapadas, The Sandhabhasa and Sandhavacana, Early Medieval Mysticism and Kabir, Castes of Indian Mystics, Some Linguistic Notes, On Foreign Element in the Tantras, On some Tantrik Texts studied in Ancient kambuja, Evolution of the Tantras index Vol 2 A Note on a Painted Banner, A Nepalese Pata of the Sudhankumaravadana, Brahmayamala Tantras, ch IV, Some Brfahmanical... More

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