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A Descriptive Catalogue of The Tibetan Lhasa: Zhol Edition Kangyur Rgyud ( Tantra)

By Bhakti De ed Suniti Kumar Pathak

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Published by  : The Asiatic Society, Kolkata

Pages : 503pp

Year : 2014

ISBN : 978-93-81574-19-5

Foreword, An Elucidation, Introduction, Abbreviations, Descriptions of the Manuscripts, Appendix Tibetan names of the Manuscripts ( in serial order), Sanskrit names of the Manuscripts ( In English alphabetical order) Names of the Tibetan Lotsaba ( Translators), Names of the4 Indian and Nepalese Panditas ( In alphabetical order ), Names of the Revisers ( both Tibetan and Indian) The Lhasa Tantra collection ( Zhol edition) is described like a garland. This collection has been developed by many orthodox Tantra Text like Srikalacakra tantra, Manjusri Tantra, Cakrasamvra Tantra and Mula Tantra ( root tantra).
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