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Glimpses into the Jewish World of Calcutta 1798-1948

By Kaustav Chakrabarti

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Pages : 241.xxii pp col photo

Year : 2014

ISBN : 9789382623313

The volume deals with the socio-economic and civic life of the predominantly-Baghdadi Jewish community of Calcutta over a span of some one hundred and fifty years. It traces the history of the Jewish settlement in the city since the arrival of the Jews there in the eighteenth century. It views their economic activities and socio-cultural beliefs relating to birth and death, marriage, religious festivals and holiday, position of women, begging and crime. It discusses their lifestyle covering dress, dietary habits, housing, education, literature, leisure and entertainment, art and architecture and sports and their welfare and philanthropic activities. It deals with the way the Jews have tried to adapt themselves in their new surroundings over the years through family ties and diaspora networks.
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