Non - Human Primates of India

By R.P.Mukherjee, J.R.B.Alfred

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Foreword. Preface. I. Introduction. II. Ecosystems. III. Classification and Species Accounts. 1. Macaca arctoides. 2. Macaca assamensis. 3. Macaca fascicularis. 4. Macaca mulatta. 5. Macaca nemestrina. 6. Macaca radiata. 7. Macaca silenus. 8. Semnopithecus entellus. 9. Trachypithecus geei. 10. Trachypithecus johnii. 11. Trachypithecus phayrei. 12. Trachypithecus pileatus. 13. Bunopithecus hoolock. 14. Loris tardigradus. 15. Nyeticebus coucang. Selected Readings.... More


Memoirs of the Indian Museum, Vol. I. No. 1-4 (1907-09)

By W.C. Hossack, R.E. Lloyd

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Vol 1. July, 1907--An account of the rats of Calcutta/W.C. Hossack. Vol 2. February, 1908--The anatomy of Bathynomus giganteus/R.E. Lloyd. Vol 3. January, 1909--The Oligochaeta of India, Nepal, Ceylon, Burma and the Andaman Islands/W. Michaelsen. 3b. The Anatomy of some aquatic Oligochaeta from the Punjab/J. Stephenson. Vol 4. April, 1909--Investigator Sicarius, a Gephyrean worm hitherto undescribed, the type of a new order/F.H. Stewart.... More


A Pocket Book on Indian Reptiles : Crocodiles, Testudines, Lizards and Snakes


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Foreword. Authors Preface. Acknowledgements. 1. Introduction. 2. Description of reptiles: i. Crocodiles. ii. Turtles and tortoises. iii. Lizards. iv. Snakes. 3. Suggested reading. 4. Economic importance, threats and protection.... More

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