Parul Prakashani


History of the Khaksar Movement In India 1931-1947 in 2 vols

By Amalendu De

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Published by  : Parul Prakashani

Vol 1 Formative Period, Idea of Self –reform of the Muslim Nation, The founding of the Khaksar Movement, Framework of the Khaksar Organisation, the Khaksar in Action, Khaksar in the Lahore Front,, the Khaksar Movement at a Turning Point 1939-41, Vol 2 Khaksar Organisation Declared illegal throughout India 1941,Khaksar Axix Connections, Further Struggle for the removal restrictions on the organisations July 1941 to Dec 1942, On the Wane, Khaksars on Bengal Famine, International Situation & Post-War reconstruction, Renewed Khaksar activities... More

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