Dr Tapas Chatterjee


A Short History of The University of North Bengal

By Dr Tapas Chatterjee

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A short history of the University of North Bengal (June 1962 - October 2020) content North Bengal A cultural Mosaic NBU The early history, NBU Marches Ahead , NBU Today , Proframmes of NBU A snapshot conclusion Apendix ... More


Communalism India’s Struggle for Democracy and Pluralism

By Dr Tapas Chatterjee

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Analysing contentious contemporary issues in historical perspective, the discourseweighs as to how the potency of communalism corrodes the plural core of Indian democracy. The critique is, however, not limited to the issue of religious polarisation alone since the author critically examines the obstacles other marginalised sections are often encountered with. Anyone having quest for democratic values must confront the challenges posed in the discourse. ... More

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