P Venu


Strobilathes Blume Acanthaceae in Penisular India

By P Venu

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Published by  : Botanical Survey of India

Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgements. Details of figures, maps and photo plates, Review. The Area covered: i. The Western Ghats. ii. The Eastern Ghats. Herbaria consulted. Plan of presentation. Key to species. Enumeration: 1. Strobilanthes amabilis/C.B. Clarke. 2. Strobilanthes anamallaica/J.R.I. Wood. 3. Strobilanthes anceps/Nees. 4. Strobilanthes andersonii/Bedd. 5. Strobilanthes auriculatus/Nees. 6. Strobilanthes aurita/J.R.I. Wood. 7. Strobilanthes barbatus/Nees. 8. Strobilanthes bolampattianus/Bedd. 9. Strobilanthes callosus/Nees. 10. Strobilanthes campanulatus/Wight. 11. Strobilanthes canaricus/Bedd. 12. Strobilanthes ciliatus/Nees. 13. Strobilanthes consanguineus/(Nees) T. Anderson. 14. Strobilanthes cuspidatus (Benth.)/T. Anderson.... More

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