V. Singh and Monika Singh


Biodiversity of Desert National Park Rajasthan

By V. Singh and Monika Singh

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Published by  : Botanical Survey of India

Foreword. Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Justification and objectives. 3. Geographical position and topography. 4. Geology and soils. 5. Water resources. 6. Climate. 7. Methodology. 8. Floral diversity: i. Present status of knowledge. ii. Vegetation types. iii. Key to the families. iv. Enumeration of species. v. Floral composition - statistical analysis. vi. Phytogeographical assessment. vii. Biological spectrum. viii. Bioperspective potential. ix. Threats to biodiversity. x. Conservation and management strategies. 9. Faunal diversity: i. Review of literature. ii. Enumeration of... More

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