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Dimensions of Buddhism and Jainism Prof Suniti Kumar Pathak Feliciation volume 2 vols

By Editor Prof. Ramaranjan Mukherji & Dr. Buddhadev Bhattacharya

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Pages : 419.423pp. Photo hardboun

Year : 2009

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Vol 1 Suniti Kumar Pathak A Person,Unitary Buddhism, . Life sketch of Professor S.K. Pathak/Buddhadev Bhattacharya. 2. I saw him in the light of my own eyes/Jayanti De. 3. My teacher as I know him/Kalpika Mukherjee. 4. The spirituality, as I have visualised/Ranesh Chandra PoddarSchismatic Buddhism, diverse Tradition of Buddhism Vol 2 Altruistic Buddhism, Contemporary Buddhism & Navayana, Buddhism Science and World Peace, Jainism Unitary and Dynamic Vol. II. V. Altruistic Buddhism: 1. The divine female : a Bengal - Tibetan comparison of the feminine principle/Andrea Loseries. 2. Sanskrit texts of the Siddhacaryas available in Tibetan sources/Bhakti De. 3. Chandidasa : a Sahajia poet/Buddhadeb Acharya. 4. Buddhist theory and practice means to the new challenges/Losang Norbu Shastri etc
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