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Eloquent Earth : Early Terracottas in the State Archaeological Museum, West Bengal

By Gautam Sengupta; Sima Roy Chowdhury & Sharmi Chakrabroty

Price : Rs4,500.00 | $ 110.00

Published by  : Directorate of Archaeology and Museum

Pages : 406 pp

Year : 2007

ISBN : 81-901499-8-9

1. Preface. 2. Acknowledgement. 3. Early terracottas of West Bengal: an introduction. 4. Catalogue: I. Divine and semidivine: i. Mother Goddess. ii. Sri Laksmi. iii. Lady with Hairpins. iv. Ganas, Yaksas and Nagas. v. Male and female figurines with different attributes. II. Mithuna Plaques. III. Animal riders. IV. Plaques with narrative content. V. Plaques and figurines of animals. VI.Miscellaneous. 5. Inventory of Terracotta. 6. Glossary. 7. Bibliography.
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