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History of the Freedom Movement in India 3 Vols

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Year : 1997 reprint

ISBN : 81-7102-099-2

Vol. I: Preface. I. Sporadic outbursts against British rule: 1. Establishment of British rule. 2. The condition of the people. 3. Early reactions against British rule: A. Bengal. B. Other parts of India. 4. Early movements for driving out the British. 5. Discontent and disaffection. 6. Resistance against the British. 7. The outbreak of 1857-8. 8. Anti-British outbreaks after 1858. II. Indian nation in making: 1. The impact of western culture. 2. Birth of Indian nationalism. 3. Development of political ideas and organizations (1858-85). 4. The Indian National Congress. 5. The nationalist movement in politics. 6. Muslim politics. Appendix: History of the history of freedom movement in India. Vol. II: Preface. III. The era of nationalism: 1. The partition of Bengal. 2. The Swadeshi movement. 3. Split in the Congress. 4. Muslim politics. 5. British politics. 6. Militant nationalism. 7. Home rule movement. 8. Revolutionary activities. 9. Repression and reforms. Index. Vol. III: Preface. IV. The struggle for freedom�1919-1945 non-co-operation and civil disobedience: 1. The year 1919. 2. The Khilafat agitation. 3. The non-co-operation movement. 4. Political events (1921-1928). 5. British attitude towards India. 6. The civil disobedience movement. 7. Revival of revolutionary activities. 8. Indian politics (1934-37). 9. The Second World War and Indian politics. 10. Subhas Bose and the Indian National Army (I.N.A.). V. The achievement of freedom: 1. Negotiations for settlement. 2. Freedom and partition of India. "This book is looked upon as the standard reference and text on the subject
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