History of the Freedom Movement in India 3 Vols

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Vol. I: Preface. I. Sporadic outbursts against British rule: 1. Establishment of British rule. 2. The condition of the people. 3. Early reactions against British rule: A. Bengal. B. Other parts of India. 4. Early movements for driving out the British. 5. Discontent and disaffection. 6. Resistance against the British. 7. The outbreak of 1857-8. 8. Anti-British outbreaks after 1858. II. Indian nation in making: 1. The impact of western culture. 2. Birth of Indian nationalism.... More


Catalogue of Fossils in the Museum at Siwalik Fossil Park, Saketi, Himachal Pradesh

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Published by  : Geological Survey of India

Catalogue Series No. 8, Introduction. 1. Siwalik vertebrate fossil collection. 2. The Siwalik fossil park. 3. Life size models of pre-historic animals. Geology of Saketi Area: 4. Siwalik stratigraphy. 5. Fossils and samples in the Siwalik Fossil park. 6. List of fossils exhibited in the museum. 7. Description of fossils SFP/1 to SFP/263. 8. Stratigraphic distribution of the taxa recorded in the catalogue. Epilogue. References... More


Time Past and Time Present : Two Hundred and Twenty-Five Years of the Asiatic Society

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Published by  : The Asiatic Society, Kolkata

Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgements. 1. The Asiatic Society: 1784-2008: An overview. 2. The dialogue with the East: i. Introduction. ii. The house on Park Street. iii. Manuscripts. iv. Inscriptions. v. Paintings. vi. Etchings and engravings. vii. Lithographs. viii. Images. ix. Maps. x. Archives. xi. Rare books. xii. Gold coins. 3. Publications. 4. Busts. 5. A note on the Busts. Select Bibliography... More


Mineral Atlas of India

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Published by  : Geological Survey of India

The map data are presented in an Atlas form with each map in 60 X 40 format for better presentation and readability. A total of 24 maps cover the entire country. Each map consists of two to four sheets depending upon the number of mineral commodity groups present in that area. In total there are 77 map sheets including the index map... More

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