Edited by John E. Mitchiner


The Yuga Purana

By Edited by John E. Mitchiner

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Published by  : The Asiatic Society, Kolkata

Preface. Introduction. 1. The Yuga-Purana and the treatises of Garga. 2. The authenticity of the Gargiya-jyotisa. 3. The authenticity of the Yuga-Purana. 4. Previous editions and textual studies. 5. The manuscripts of the Yuga-Purana. 6. The structure of the Yuga-Purana. 7. The language of the Yuga-Purana. 8. Correspondences between the Yuga-Purana and other works. 9. Sectarianism in the Yuga-Purana. 10. The historicity of the account: A. Janamejaya Pariksit. B. Udayin and the founding of Pataliputra. C. Salisuka in Pataliputra. D.... More

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