Pictorial Guide to the Amphibians of North East India

By Rosamma Mathew and Nibedita Sen

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Published by  : Zoological Survey of India

Foreword. Acknowledgements. Introduction. Systematic list. Systematic account: I. Order Anura: 1. Family Bufonidae: i. Genus Bufoides Pillai and Yazdani, 1973. ii. Genus Bufo Laurenti, 1768. iii. Genus Pedostibes Gunther, 1876. 2. Family Dicroglossidae: i. Genus Euphlyctis Fitzinger, 1843. ii. Genus Fejervarya Bolkay, 1915. iii. Genus Hoplobatrachus Peters, 1863. iv. Genus Limnonectes Fitzinger, 1843. v. Genus Nanorana Gunther, 1896. vi. Genus Ombrana Dubois, 1992. vii. Genus Occidozyga Kuhl and Van Hasselt, 1822. 3. Family Hylidae: i. Genus Hyla Laurenti, 1768. 4.... More

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